Joint Custody

When a couple decides to dissolve their marriage through the legal process of divorce, one of the issues that may be addressed is the subject of child custody. Based on California law, the judge who determines the custody of the child must determine an arrangement that “seems necessary or proper”. In doing so, there are several different factors that may come into play about the future wellbeing of the child. Joint custody, which is the preferred arrangement amongst most capable couples, occurs when each spouse has physical and legal custody of the child.

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Common Joint Custody Arrangements

The following list outlines various joint custody arrangements that the judge may determine:

  • Pure joint custody: Neither parent has the sole legal or physical custody of the child.
  • Joint legal custody: Both parents have the right to make legal decisions regarding the child’s health, education and welfare.
  • Joint physical custody: Each parent has “significant periods” of custody. This is done to make sure that each parent has “frequent and continuing contact with each parent”.
  • Divided or “split” custody: There is no code for this specific arrangement but it typically means that the child has custody with a certain parent for a finite amount of time, with cross rights of visitation. This could also occur if a couple has more than one child and wants to split custody among the siblings.

The circumstances of each divorce are unique. Because of this, you should consider hiring an experienced attorney to handle the details of your individual case. That way, you can help ensure that your rights are well-represented and a favorable custody arrangement is reached.

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