While women are often the victims of domestic violence, they can also be perpetrators, inflicting harm or using threats of harm on loved ones. In recent news, a top female athlete from the National Women’s Soccer team was arrested after she allegedly attacked her sister and nephew at home. This latest incident serves to remind other victims similarly situated that the law against domestic abuse punishes both men and women who subject their loved ones and close relations to physical, verbal and psychological abuse.

Domestic violence in family law

Domestic violence is punished as a crime in the US. However, the State of California provides legal remedies through its family courts without need of obtaining prior convictions. If you have been harmed or threatened with violence, harassment or subjected to fear of imminent harm, your family lawyer can help you obtain a restraining order against your attacker.

Relationship requirement

Close relationship between the victim and abuser is an important element of domestic violence. The victim and abuser may be:

  • Spouses or former spouses
  • In a dating relationship or dated one another
  • Living together or lived together
  • Related to one another as parent, child, grandparent, brother, sister or in-law

In the athletes case, the victims were allegedly the athletes half-sister and nephew who appeared to have been bruised during the reported incident

Restraining orders as a remedy

When someone close to you is harassing you, stalking you or threatening you with harm, talk to your lawyer about the possibility of obtaining a restraining order for your protection.

Depending on the circumstances of your application, the judge may issue a temporary restraining order until your hearing date which may result in a permanent one. Restraining orders arising from domestic violence can include orders for the other party to stay away from you, your family, and pets, and to move out. You may also be able to request for other orders such as child custody and visitation.

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