Various studies on domestic violence in the United States indicate that incidence of domestic violence in teenage relationships is high. It is believed that it occurs in 1 in every 3 teen dating relationships, with 20 to 25% of teen females experiencing physical and sexual assault while dating someone.

In such situations it is important to seek legal help in obtaining temporary restraining orders against the perpetrators to help prevent further violence – and even save lives.

Teenager gets a restraining order against boyfriend

A teenager who previously made headlines by suing her own parents for support is once again in the news, this time, for obtaining a domestic violence restraining order against her boyfriend. Ironically, the defendant in the domestic violence suit is the same boyfriend that triggered a conflict between the teenager and her parents when she moved out and legally sought support from them.

A judge granted her application for restraining order based on the teenager’s allegations that her boyfriend choked her with his hands during a recent quarrel. Another hearing has been set where both parties are expected to appear, after which the court may decide whether to make the restraining order final.

In California, courts may issue domestic violence restraining orders against:

  • Spouse or a former spouse,
  • Person you are dating or used to date,
  • Person you are living with or used to live with
  • Other closely related persons such as a parent, child, brother, sister or in-laws

Depending on its contents, a restraining order can order another to:

  • Stay away from the protected person, including that person’s children, relatives and other members of the household
  • Stay away from the home and workplace of the protected person and their children’s schools.
  • Stay away from pets of the protected person
  • Move out of the house, if living together with the protected person
  • Not have possession of a gun
  • Release or return certain properties

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