Twenty-six-year old singer Chris Brown recently introduced his eleven-month old daughter “Royalty” to Instagram followers amidst reports that the singer allegedly stopped paying child support to the child’s mother in March. “Royalty” is the singer’s daughter with model Nia Guzman.

Brown and Guzman earlier agreed to set the amount of child support at $2,500 monthly but earlier this year, Guzman reportedly requested that the payments be increased to $15,000 per month, more three times the current monthly amount. Brown responded by calling the request ‘ridiculous’ and stopped paying child support altogether.

Child Support in California

In California, parents are often allowed to enter into voluntary agreements on child support. If the parents can’t agree, the family court judge will decide the amount based on several factors such as:

  • Income of each parent
  • Number of common children
  • Time spent by each parent with the child
  • Cost of sharing day care
  • Uninsured health-care costs
  • Tax filing status of each parent

Effect of Failure to Pay Child Support on Time

If a parent falls behind child support payments based on a court order, they may be ordered to pay not only the unpaid amount but also interest on the balance due. It is important to comply with a court order on child support. If the court determines that the person obliged to pay support willfully refuses to pay it even with sufficient means to do so, the court may order him to pay support in contempt of court which can lead to jail time.

Changing the Amount of Support

Either parent may ask the court to change the amount of monthly support when there is a change in the circumstances of either or both parents. In deciding whether to increase or decrease child support payments, the court will primarily look into the income of and time spent by each parent with the child.

When changes in your circumstances substantially affect your income and ability to meet child support payments, you may be entitled to a change in support order. Your child support attorney can help you prepare documents in support of your request for change and ask the court to modify the amount of child support.

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