Re-establishing your Credit After a Divorce

In a time in which the financial situation of our country is dire, it is important to pay better attention to our finances. Unfortunately, many people are going through divorces and their money situation is in flux. One of the most crucial things to remember when getting divorced, especially if you were the stay at home spouse, or were not responsible for the household expenses/loans/mortgages is the state of your credit. Your credit score follows you where ever you go, so it is important to keep it up.

If you find that your credit score has been greatly divorced during your marriage, there are several options for you to boost your rating:

Stay in One Place

If you move around a lot, creditors may get suspicious and think it has to do with your credit. Renting is a great way to build your credit, as you are constantly moving and paying off money.

Inform Every One of Name Changes

If you change your name after your divorce you need to contact all your banks, credit cards, and lenders of the change. You don’t want to start building credit on a name that no longer has any meaning.

Always Pay On Time

Whether it is a bill, loan payments, or credit card debt, make sure to always pay these on time. Late fees will kill a credit score, so make sure to budget your money out each month to secure the money you need for bills.

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