If your child breaks the law, he or she may become involved in a juvenile delinquency case. This can have serious consequences for your child as well as for you as a parent. Juvenile delinquency can result in the removal of children from their home, a change in parental rights, and other actions based on how serious the delinquency is.

What Happens in a Juvenile Delinquency Case

When a child breaks the law, the court can consider many different factors when determining the best course of action in dealing with the problem.

The court can consider:

  • How old the child is
  • How serious the crime is
  • The child’s previous, existing criminal record

After looking at these factors, the court can make a determination as to the best course of action for your child. This can include a number of different things, including putting the child on probation and requiring the child to live at a probation ranch, or allowing the child to remain under your care but being supervised by the court.

Other options include:

  • Putting the child in foster care
  • Having the child live with a relative
  • Sending the child to the Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation Division of Juvenile Justice

A child can also be charged and tried as an adult, depending on the severity of the crime. If this is the case, the court can send the child to the Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation, Division of Adult Operations.

Obtaining an Attorney for Your Child’s Juvenile Delinquency Case

One of the most important things you can do for your child if he or she is arrested is to secure an attorney experienced in handling juvenile delinquency cases. Your child has the right to a lawyer, and if you cannot afford one, the court will appoint one for him or her.

Engaging an attorney for your child will ensure that his or her rights are upheld in court and that his or her juvenile delinquency case is handled correctly. Your child will get the best deal possible, even if it does not seem like it at the time.

The attorneys at Fischer & Van Thiel are experienced in handling juvenile delinquency cases. We know that this is a difficult, trying time for you and your family. We handle each case we receive with compassion and care, and always try our best to ensure that the best possible outcome is reached.

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