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Paternity Test

A paternity test is aimed at identifying who the biological father of a child or children is. Paternity can play a pivotal role in separation or divorce proceedings. For this reason, the results of a test can affect the outcome of a family law case. A paternity test can work to the advantage of either party, depending on the circumstances. It’s important to remember that a biological father has legal responsibilities toward his children. That responsibility can either be applied or rejected on the basis of a paternity test’s outcome. Typically, the following can be affected depending on a test’s results:

Whether the possible father is requesting a test or challenging the results, an attorney can assist in their case. If a man asserts that he is a child’s father, he may be entitled to child visitation and/or custody. If, however, he challenges the results and is found to be the biological parent, he may become responsible for financially supporting that child. An attorney familiar with family law should immediately be contacted if fatherhood will play a role in a legal proceeding.

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