Sports and Kids with Divorced Parents

One problem faced by many recently divorced dads is that they have a hard time connecting with their kids following a divorce. It can be very hard: going from seeing your children on a daily basis, being tied in with everything going on in their lives, to seeing them maybe every couple weekends. Some fathers find it so daunting that they can’t connect with their children when they do see them. Fortunately, there are some things you can do to reconnect with your children and ensure that you have common ground to bond over.

One of the best ways to do this is to get involved in sports with your kids. There are lots of programs all over the country which offer kids a chance to get involved in all sorts of sports, like baseball, football, soccer, basketball, even less ubiquitous sports like tennis, lacrosse, and water polo. Sports can be a great way to for kids to be involved in teams and the camaraderie they bring, to learn how to set goals and accomplish them, to work well with other people, to build trust and self-confidence, and to be as gracious in victory as they are dignified in defeat.

Best of all, these programs are usually in need of parents to help run them. While not everyone can be a coach, there are plenty of positions for assistants of all stripes. Even if you’re just helping drop kids off after the game, or bringing them orange slices, it can be a good way of being involved in something that’s important to your kids.

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