Kelsey Grammer may have earned his fame playing the lead role on the 90s American sitcom, “Frasier” and racking up a cool $1.6 million per episode, but his now ex-wife earned her fame playing out their messy divorce on the show “The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills”.

As we watched the tears and struggles that both parties endured, one thing became apparent: this divorce would have gone a lot more smoothly for Kelsey and Camille if they had signed a prenuptial agreement before their 13 year marriage went awry.

Another famous couple that many suspect didn’t sign a prenup: Ellen DeGeneres and Portia de Rossi. Though not divorced, Ellen has allegedly said that prenuptial agreements are “unromantic”, leading many speculators to believe that her $63 million fortune would be on the line should they ever choose to end their marriage.

Why Prenuptial Agreements are More Important for Same Sex Couples

While Ellen’s supposed views on prenups are widely shared amongst couples, a prenuptial agreement can be the kindest and most nurturing action that a couple takes. With a strong prenuptial agreement in place, a huge financial burden is lifted from everyone’s shoulders and both parties are agreeing to a fair and expected separation outcome should their relationship come to an end.

Prenups are even more important for same sex couples for two key reasons:

  • Many same sex couples have already been living in a domestic partnership for some time, often already sharing substantial financial assets, home equities, etc.
  • Though the US Supreme Court supports same sex unions, individual states can’t be forced to acknowledge same-sex marriages that took place in other states.

This can make the division of assets even messier and more chaotic for those ending a same sex marriage. Add in the fact that it can be difficult to establish when the relationship began and thereby tally the value of the assets at stake – then a same sex divorce without a prenuptial agreement can leave one or both parties facing a bleak financial future.

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