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The Impact of Divorce of Children

Divorce is a group problem; it is not just an issue between man and wife, but for their children as well. The impact of divorce on children is different for every family, but there are many similarities between most cases.

Most children are afraid of the new situation. Without mom or dad, what will life be? Some children are often afraid of being abandoned. If they feel like one of their parents is getting rid of the other parent, what is keeping them from getting rid of the child? Children need their parents’ love and support, which is why the feeling of the loss of one parent can be devastating.

Even if you are the parent that is keeping the children, you need to include both parents in the transition to the new life. If you want is best for your children, you will work together with your ex to allow your children to heal.

Unfortunately, the logic behind the arguments of adults is often not the same with children. One of the first impulses of children is to try and get their parents back together. This unrealistic goal can backfire and cause the children to become depressed and angry when their plans fail. They might then blame themselves for the failure of the marriage and become withdrawn.

Help your children developed a new life routine to get on the road to a healthy recovery from the painful divorce.

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