Divorce is a usually an emotionally-charged situation, where parents tend to become very embroiled in protecting their financial and custodial position. Often considerations about child support get pushed aside, when really they should be the primary consideration. Child support payments are normally going to be a long term obligation, and can amount to a substantial portion of disposable income.

Of course the obvious fact is that children can’t be expected to provide for themselves and they will need to be financially supported by their parents. The fact that you have divorced doesn’t really do anything to change the obligation on either parent to continue to contribute to the care and nurturing of the child.

For any parent who genuinely cares about the well-being of their child, child support can be a very real worry. There are two sides to this. A parent who is paying child support may be concerned that the money is not reaching the child or is not being used in an appropriate way. A parent who should be receiving child support may be concerned that it is not paid or is underpaid.

In either situation, a lawyer can help. A prominent Californian child support attorney, Carlsbad based Fischer & Van Thiel, recommends parents should seek legal help the moment a problem arises. Child support payments are a complicated matter and can be notoriously difficult to resolve. This is even more true when one of the parents is uncooperative. And it is especially true when somebody tries to handle the entire process on their own, without the help of a qualified professional.

Even if you feel that the law is on your side, you may not be able to anticipate every strategy that could be employed against you. If your adversary retains a lawyer and you don’t, it’s basically game over, because there are just too many ways you can talk your way into a corner. A competent lawyer knows how to exploit any gaps in your legal knowledge or any mistakes you may have made, and use these things to help win the case against you.

When you have a lawyer taking care of your side of the dispute, you can feel much more confident. Your lawyer will ensure that you’re not victimized or subjected to any kind of unfair treatment. Their job is to stand up for your rights and make sure you have a voice in court, even if it’s not necessarily your own.

If you’re worried about the costs of retaining a lawyer for something like this, don’t be. In real life, lawyers are not as unrealistic and cold as they’re depicted in the movies. While it’s true you will have to pay some legal fees, attorneys are well aware that most of their clients do not have unlimited means at their disposal, especially when it is a child support matter. Fees are realistic and transparent, and you always have a choice.

So if you need help with child support issues, don’t put it off. You should pro-actively seek help as soon as you can, to be certain of the best result for yourself and your children.

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