Just over 450 miles away from us here in Carlsbad, California is a trial which has finally been placed in the hands of San Francisco family law judge, Superior Court Judge Anne-Christine Massullo. The trial involves frozen embryos and a divorcing couple who are at odds as to what should happen with the embryos.


46 year old Mimi Lee wants to have the embryos saved. Her soon-to-be ex-spouse, Stephen Findley, wants them to be destroyed. Lee’s maternal age aside, she was also rendered infertile by the cancer treatments she received in 2010. In fact, her cancer diagnosis is what sent she and Findley to the fertility clinic in the first place: so that she would be able to have children despite her receiving treatment for her illness.


“It’s a Hard Issue”


Massullo concisely summed up the case by stating that it is a “hard issue”. Findley and his attorney state that the agreement with the fertility clinic clearly states that the five embryos which were successfully frozen would be discarded should the couple divorce. Lee wants to gain control over them to protect her maternal rights.


There is no question that the world will be watching to see the results of this unique case which could set the precedent for other cases of this nature in the future.


A Sensitive Issue Requires a Sensitive Attorney


At the law office of Fischer & Van Thiel, LLP, we pride ourselves on being able to relate to our clients on a human level. Any issue which involves family and family law are incredibly sensitive and requires more than a thorough knowledge and good application of family law. It also requires understanding, empathy, and sensitivity.


When deciding on the family attorney to represent you, you should look for one who:


  • Takes a holistic approach to providing legal advice. We consider both the specific case and the law and are able to effectively blend the two to come up with a clear response for the client and a solid argument for their client
  • Will support you with compassion
  • Encourages open communication at all hours and provides additional resources if the needs of the client go beyond the scope of the attorney


Our attorneys at Fischer & Van Thiel, LLP in Carlsbad are up to date with the most recent changes in California family law. We also often act as guides, coaches, and confidantes for our clients, whom we treat with the utmost respect.


We fight for your best interests from the first initial consultation to the conclusion of your case. Whether it is a divorce, question of paternity or an even more complex such as that which Lee and Findley face, we welcome your call at (760) 722-7669.