Frequently Asked Questions / Will the military give me a lawyer?

Craig’s Answer:

No, though you may get some advice from Military Legal Assistance. That means you may get some information on applicable laws and how they may apply to you and suggestions about what needs to be filed when, but a military lawyer will not represent your interests in a divorce matter.

A military legal assistance attorney can help with various civil matters at no cost to servicemembers and their spouses. This can include landlord-tenant disputes, wills and trusts, family law, naturalization, consumer issues, powers of attorneys, advanced medical directives and asserting rights under the Servicemembers Civil Relief Act. How much help you get on these matters can vary from office to office and how well the staff can handle the demands for their services.

Legal assistance offices are located on almost every base, ship and installation. The military services generally offer limited legal assistance to Guard and Reserve members during inactive duty training periods to prepare legal documents such as wills and powers of attorney needed in the event of an involuntary call to active duty. Each military service has specific regulations regarding the extent of legal assistance they provide.

Though these attorneys help many servicemembers and their families in a variety of issues, they won’t represent a member of the military in a divorce proceeding. You will need to obtain your own attorney. We have represented hundreds of clients getting divorces over the years, including many that involved spouses who were in the active duty military or who were retired military members. If you are considering getting a divorce, contact our office at  760-722-7669 so we can talk about your situation and the best way to move forward.

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