Frequently Asked Questions / What are the different types of domestic violence restraining orders?

Attorney Michael Fischer

 Mike’s Answer:

There is a temporary order which is good for about twenty-one days until we have a full hearing.

There is a permanent order which can extend for three, four, five years, and under certain circumstances can be even extended further. Most permanent restraining orders are what we call a CLETS order. That means the orders are put into a national system where all police agencies in the United States will know that there is a restraining order in place.

There can also be an agreement to be a non-CLETS order. Some judges will allow it; others will not as it has minimal protection power. It is basically saying that we have a restraining order but will not put it in the system. There is also some times where parties agree to a mutual stay-away order. Mutual stay away orders are based incontract and provide minimal enforcement power/abilities. The police will not enforce the agreements although the courts might see the violation of a mutual stay-away order as some evidence for a CLETS order.

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