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Domestic Abuse / Violence

A small percentage of marriages in the United States end due to domestic violence incidents. Though these incidents are rare, they are often traumatizing for those who experience them. Abuse of this kind can lead to serious injury or death, depending on the circumstances. The abuse may also not always be physical.

Emotionally belittling or threatening a person can have serious psychological effects, as well. Domestic violence can include any of the following:

  • Physical injury
  • Sexual abuse
  • Emotional/psychological abuse
  • Threats of violence

If an individual has found themselves a victim of violence in their marriage, it’s possible to request a restraining order. These orders are aimed at limiting the contact between instigator and victim. It protects the victim from having to endure further abuse by eliminating the opportunity for the person responsible to inflict further harm. Hiring a family law attorney familiar with domestic violence cases can assist the victim in getting the protection they need and starting a new life without their abuser.

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