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Divorcing in Your Twenties

Going through a divorce can be difficult at any age. The emotional stress involved can take a tremendous toll and the experience can be financially draining in the event of an unfair division of assets or a protracted legal battle. It can be challenging to speak with your parents and friends about your choices, finding what you need out of a settlement, and coping with being alone.

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Reasons for Divorce

People go through many changes in their twenties once they have left the familiar comforts of home and school and adapted to the demands of the so-called “real world”. Sometimes these changes cause a couple to grow apart. When this begins to cause unhappiness, sometimes the best choice for one or both parties is to go their separate ways. Common causes for divorce include:

  • Abuse
  • Loss of love
  • Differences in goals
  • Choices involving children
  • Financial problems
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