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Divorce While Abroad

Whether for vacation, school or for work, millions of Americans live abroad every year. And while many couples think the long-distance will not affect their personal relationships, the fact is that many couples suffer from the daily stress of being apart. In many cases, this can lead to divorce, even if one spouse still lives abroad.

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Filling for Divorce While Out of the Country

In order to make the best decision possible in your divorce case, you need to know everything you can about the qualifications for filing for divorce while one spouse is abroad. You first must prove that one, or even both, of the spouses are living abroad for work or for study. If you or your spouse are simply vacationing abroad, you cannot file for divorce while abroad.

Like normal divorce cases, both parties have to give consent and acknowledge the divorce. In this case, you may need an experienced attorney to draft paperwork and contracts deciding the terms of the divorce.

If you are considering filing for divorce while abroad, you should first contact an experienced divorce attorney so he or she can assist you with the laws and contracts. You may have to make decisions regarding child custody and alimony and you need professional legal counsel present.

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