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Dividing Joint Property during Divorce

Divorce can be a tough process for anyone, especially when spouses cannot reach an agreement regarding the division of property. Property division isn’t too complicated when spouses each take property that they owned before their marriage, but in the case of joint marital property—the property that was acquired after the marriage took place—many people are unable to agree on how to divide these assets. If you cannot reach an agreement with your spouse about the division of joint property, you may need legal intervention.

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What is Joint Marital Property?

Any property that was acquired by a couple after marriage can be considered joint property. Because joint property legally belongs to both spouses, it is much more difficult to divide as compared to property owned prior to marriage. Joint property can include assets like the following:

  • Homes, vehicles, and other properties purchased in both names
  • Bank accounts jointly held by both spouses
  • Debts acquired on joint credit cards or joint loans

The discussion regarding the division of joint assets can quickly become contentious, so you may need a lawyer to help you settle the divorce negotiations.

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