News of a US court ordering a Hollywood actress to pay child support recently made headlines in the United States – changing perception that child support is the sole obligation of a child’s father.

Fighting for child custody and support is often thought to be a tough battle for fathers who feel that courts prefer to grant custody and support to mothers. However, as more mothers succeed in the workforce and earn higher incomes than fathers, it is possible to obtain court approval for a father’s rights of custody and child support.

Child custody

In awarding custody to one parent, the court takes into consideration several factors all contributing to the ‘best interests of the child.’

These factors include:

  • The age, gender, physical and mental health of the child
  • Parents’ physical and mental health
  • Parents’ ability to provide food, shelter, clothing, and medical care
  • Child’s living pattern
  • Quality of education in the child’s current situation
  • Preference of the child, if over 12.
  • Emotional bond between parent and child
  • Parent’s lifestyle and other social factors

With these in mind, it is certainly possible to obtain a successful outcome in fighting for a father’s rights to custody.

Child support

Child support is the amount that a non-custodial parent pays to a custodial parent for purposes of defraying the child’s expenses such as food, clothing, education and health care.

In California, the amount of child support is determined through a legal formula that considers various factors such as the amount of time that the child spends with each parent, the needs of the child and the income of each parent. A father who has sole child custody may also obtain child support from the child’s mother.

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