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The Real Cost of Divorce

Divorce is an emotional drain as well as a financially taxing decision to split lives and love. When couples are unable to work out their differences and a decision to divorce is made, it is helpful to be aware of all the costs involved in the separation. Some estimates place the average cost at around $20,000 with many divorces costing far more. Short term costs in a divorce include hiring a lawyer, long term costs include the changing of lifestyles based on different financial circumstances after separation.

If a divorce is completely amicable and no children are involved, some couples can use a divorce kit that costs around $100. This option, however, is a rare way out. For divorces that are contentious about assets or have children involved, a lawyer is usually recommended. Generally, the more complicated and emotional a divorce is, the more expensive it will be. In addition to lawyer fees, court filing fees, process serving, and subpoena costs must be kept in mind. With the average divorce taking about two years to finalize, the fiscal burden can add up quickly.

One of the most drastic changes after a divorce is a lifestyle change. Spouses now have about half of their normal income to cover the same costs, but this time they are generally paying their entire mortgage or rent, utilities, and bills instead of splitting the costs. Other potential ramifications include sudden child support payments and alimony, both in the short and long-term. When going through a divorce, be prepared for disposable income to dwindle suddenly and rapidly.

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