Considerations When Changing Your Last Name Following Divorce

In marriage, it isn’t uncommon for a wife to take her husband’s last name. In fact, in recent years, a growing number of men have decided to adopt their wives’ surnames. No matter which spouse agrees to a last name change (or if either agrees to one at all), many consider it to be a symbol of commitment in a marriage. However, what if the marriage ends in divorce? It is possible to revert to your former surname if you wish; however, there are considerations to explore when doing so.

Possible Considerations

Divorce can be a stressful process for all involved parties. If you are considering reverting to your former surname, it’s important to consider your motivations for doing so and how it may affect you after the fact. Typical considerations include:

  • Will it help me move on? If your marriage was contentious or ended badly, you may want to think of changing your last name. The pain and anguish of the marriage will take time to recover from and changing your last name may be the first of many steps to recovery.
  • Am I keeping my last name for sentimental reasons? Not all marriages end badly. At times, the decision to divorce is amicable with both spouses still caring for each other despite no longer being husband and wife. If an ex-spouse is still special to you, then keeping the last name is something you may want to consider.
  • What about my children’s last name? Oftentimes, the children will retain the last name of the father as long as the mother allows it, despite her changing her own.
  • Do I want to go through the trouble of changing it back? As with any name changes, legal steps must be taken to do so. For a person reverting to their former surname, it is often an easy process. Depending on the state or jurisdiction, the process varies.

The aforementioned questions only serve as considerations. Deciding whether or not to revert to your former surname following a divorce is entirely up to you.

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