Hollywood comedian Chris Rock, known for his funny roles on film, recently filed for divorce, ending his 18-year marriage to Malaak Compton-Rock. The actor’s divorce papers reportedly mentioned a prenuptial agreement but sources say that the prenup has already expired under a sunset clause.

The couple has two children, ages 13 and 11 years old, both reportedly covered by a shared 50-50 child custody agreement between the spouses. Chris Rock has an estimated $70 million worth of assets, out of which his estranged wife is seeking to obtain a large proportion.

More Details on the Rock Divorce

Malaak said that she gave up her career and became a full-time mother after marrying Chris, taking care of the couple’s children, and spending her free time doing charity work such as those organized by her group, The Angel Rock Project. Malaak claims that this prevented her from contributing to her own support while she grew accustomed to a certain standard of living as Chris Rock’s wife.

For Malaak to maintain her marital lifestyle after the divorce, she wishes to be given a large portion of Chris Rock’s assets.

The divorce proceedings may become difficult due to the economic issues arising from the couple’s split. Without a valid and subsisting prenuptial agreement, issues such as property distribution and management, alimony, and child support can lead to a highly conflicted situation.

Divorce in Carlsbad

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