An American billionaire’s ex-wife is claiming approximately $1 million a month as alimony, alleging that she needs the 9-digit sum to support their 3 young children, all under 10 years old. The couple was married for more than 10 years.

The $1 million monthly alimony covers costs for luxuries including a private jet, vacation accommodation, office space and professional staff, groceries and dinners, as well as stationery.

In the United States, the alimony awarded depends on the applicable state law, which often provides criteria for its determination.

California Alimony Law

Alimony is a legal term that refers to spousal support after the termination of a marriage or a divorce. In the state of California, the goal of alimony is to provide the claimant-spouse with an amount sufficient to support himself/herself within a reasonable period. The amount of alimony is determined by several factors, such as the earning capacity of each spouse and the standard of living enjoyed during the marriage.

Ideally, divorcing couples are able to negotiate among themselves the terms of alimony and related matters in an agreement out of court. When the parties fail to agree, the judge presiding over the divorce case will decide for them and consider factors such as:

  • The marketable skills of the spouse claiming support
  • Market demand for those skills
  • Costs of completing education or training to develop more marketable skills or a job
  • Length or duration of the marriage

Alimony or spousal support can be a difficult legal issue. There are two types of alimony that you can apply for — temporary and permanent alimony. Alimony that is provided while divorce proceedings are pending is called temporary alimony while the court order for regular and long term payments after divorce is referred to as permanent alimony.

A family law attorney can help you:

  • Understand alimony, the factors affecting it and how long it will last
  • Assist in calculating alimony
  • Prepare appropriate court forms for claiming alimony

If you are contemplating divorce or terminating your marriage, it’s important to obtain advice from an experienced divorce attorney to ensure that your rights are protected and enforceable in court.

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