It is the legal obligation of parents to support their children. This rings true for parents whether they are married or divorced. In most cases, when parents split up, one parent has to pay child support to the other. As a man in a child custody case, whether you are expecting to pay or receive child support, you definitely need the help of a Carlsbad child support lawyer to look out for your child’s best interests as well as yours.
What are Child Support Considerations?
Conservatively, men pay child support to the mother. This is still a common situation, but the courts today recognize that giving mothers child custody is not always position in terms of the child’s best interest. Additionally, most women are in the workforce and it is now more common for them to pay child support to men.
No matter your situation, it is critical that you understand how the courts will determine child support. Each state has its own guidelines, but here are the most common considerations:

  • Income of the parents
  • The individual needs of the child
  • Cost of child care
  • Custody arrangements

Some courts calculate child support payments as the percentage of the non-custodial parent’s net income. The percentage figures are likely to change according to the number of kids and amount of time every parent actually has with the kid.
Child Support Lawyers Helping Men
If you want to ensure that you are treated fairly in child support issues, which are not cut and dry cases, then you need to work with a lawyer who has handled Carlsbad child support lawyer in defense of their fathers.
For example, in joint custody situations, no parent is required to pay child support. However, if one parent’s income is lower than the other, the said parent is eligible to receive child support to ensure that the child’s or children’s expenses are covered. Your child support lawyer can help you navigate these types of situations and ensure that all aspects of your case are properly handled. Your lawyer can:

  • Ensure any income is accounted for
  • Ensure that all the required deductions are made from your income or that the mother does not claim deductions she is not entitled to
  • Help you enforce the child support order by negotiating with the child’s mother or going to court

Child support is a tricky area. When you are looking to provide to the best interest of your child without feeling like you are being taken advantage of, you need to have an experienced lawyer on your side of the corner from Fischer & Van Thiel, L.L.P., wealth of experience handling a wide variety of divorce- and family-law cases!

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