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Arbitration for Divorcing Couples

Most couples who decide to get divorced use litigation as their method of settling the situation. What some people don’t know, however, is that there are alternative methods available to resolve your domestic issues. These techniques, which on the whole are known as alternative dispute resolution (ADR) practices, include items like mediation and arbitration. ADR takes place outside of the courtroom, and a resolution is reached with the help of outside and unbiased, third-party.

During the arbitration process, the third party decides the (legally-binding) outcome of the divorce. The divorcing couples and the arbitrator sit down and discuss the situation. After hearing both sides of the matter, the arbitrator comes to a solution, by which both disputing parties must abide. As you can see, it is very important for a divorcing couple to select an arbitrator that they trust to make a fair decision. There is also very little chance of appealing the outcome, so again, it is essential to select an arbitrator who will have a sound and just outlook.

Alternative dispute resolution tends to be cheaper and faster than the trial process. It is a great way to speed up the divorce process in situations that have been put off due to a packed court schedule. ADR is also, in general, more casual, and the disputing parties have a bit more control over the outcome. For example, during mediation, they actually come to a resolution together. In the arbitration process, they set the rules and boundaries of the arbitrator.

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