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A Legal Separation’s Effects on Children

A legal separation is different than an actual divorce, and many couples choose to get a separation rather than a legal divorce in order to try and work through their problems. Although every child will react differently in a case of a separation or divorce between their parents, sometimes a legal separation can have a different effect on children than divorce. Since divorce means a full legal split between spouses, it can be more difficult for children to cope with, while a separation often involves more contact between spouses.

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Separating and Children

A legal separation has to be approved by a court – spouses cannot simply move away from one another and have that be considered a legal separation. Because marriage is not legally ended in a legal separation, many issues will have to be resolved together, including:

  • childcare costs
  • living situations
  • spousal support
  • property ownership/use
  • dividing debts

Because spouses have to work together to resolve issues in a legal separation, there is often less distance between them than in a regular divorce. This contact may affect a child’s reaction to both legal separation and divorce, though each child’s reaction can rarely be fully anticipated.

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