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6 Warning Signs That You May Be Headed for Divorce

It is unlikely that on one’s wedding day, he or she intends for the marriage to end in divorce, but unfortunately, divorce is very common in our society. In some cases, the decision to divorce is made amiably by both spouses, but other times, only one spouse initiates the divorce. In these cases, attempting to make the marriage work is sometimes the best option. However, not every marriage can be salvaged, so if you are considering divorcing your spouse, you should have a skilled divorce lawyer on your side to help.

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Warning Signs of Divorce

The divorce process can be extremely painful for both parties involved, but sometimes it is necessary, as staying in a loveless marriage can be worse. The following warning signs do not indicate that your marriage must end in divorce, but they are signs that divorce may be on the horizon. Six warning signs of divorce include:

  • Either spouse being emotionally disengaged or absent
  • A lack of healthy conflict resolution
  • Unhealthy sex life
  • Disaffection for the other spouse
  • Preparation for single life, such as buying a separate mortgage
  • Increased activity and attention to things outside of the marriage, such as work and friends

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